Mobilitat Internacional

INSTITUT JOAN ORÓ: Our school institution

We are a Secondary, High School and Vocational Training Institute in Martorell, Catalonia, Spain

Erasmus in our institution

We send our higher level to continue their training in a workplace of a company from one country of the EU. To organize all these mobility programs we have a organised schema and staff. All details can be found in General Organisation section.

Studies we offer

We offer 3 degrees from three branches of high vocational (short cycle) studies:

  • Trade
  • Chemestry
  • Health

All the information of our studies can be found in the Course Catalog.

Language policy and support for the incoming participants

In order to make sure that all our incoming participants are aware of the language use of the institution and to provide appropiate language skills to the incoming participants we have established the Language Policy Page Strategy

As we want our students to get the chance to study or train abroad, we have started a foreign languages program to make our students improve their English level by teaching some subjects in this language. Some staff from both specialties are involved in this new challenge.


As an expression of our commitment we publish our Erasmus Policy Statement along with our Charter where we establish our values, strategy and compromise.


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In our local context, in recent years, many young people have left their studies to take unskilled but well paid jobs. As a result, we have a low level of education within the young population as well as a high unemployment rate. This implies a low socioeconomic status which can even get worse due to the effects of the economic crisis, This situation hinders future expectations for those who search a job or aim to implement new business projects in a changing and demanding labour market. Therefore, economic and social development of the region is decreasing.

From INS Joan Oró we are determined to improve the education and training of professionals, to enable them to meet the changing needs of the labour market. To adapt to these changes, we need to fit content, infrastructure, and methods used in Vocational Training to provide adult and young learners real prospects for personal development and attractive and stimulating careers.

After the analysis of this situation, we believe that our actions must respond to all these needs to achieve an European education and training environment, including transparent rating systems to enable the transmission and the accumulation of learning outcomes, the recognition of qualifications and skills and the extension of transnational mobility.


Promoting the use of English in our center by increasing training units taught in that language as well as those activities devoted to strengthen those students with a low initial level.
Promoting cooperation in training in companies to stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Improving our students training by complementing in the company the knowledge they have achieved in class.
Improving their knowledge of the English language.
Giving them the opportunity to visit a foreign country and be in contact with a new culture.
Giving them the opportunity to achieve work experience and to be in contact with the most advanced technology.

We aim to achieve these goals through a proactive timely during the period 2015-2020 as follows:

First step 2015-2017

  • Promoting the use of English in our centre by increasing training units taught in that language as well as those activities devoted to strengthen those students with a low initial level.
  • Promoting cooperation in online projects with institutions in other countries to stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The efforts will be focused on selecting the reference countries where English is a foreign language and part of the academic and business process.
  • Promoting short term exchange activities of small groups.
  • Promoting the mobility of our students so that they can perform practices in other countries, after checking the corresponding compatibility methodology and content.
  • Informing partner companies where our students perform their work experience in order to reach agreement on the integration of students from other countries.

It is the first time that our school participates in the Erasmus Program+, and therefore, we will start our project in a very modest way. We will begin with the High-level Cycle Sales Management and Commercial Spaces Studies included in the Retail Occupational Family.The students, over 18, are completing the second year of advanced vocational training. These students have learned to manage the business operations of sale and distribution of products and services, and organize the implementation and animation of commercial space, according to criteria of quality, safety and risk prevention, according to current regulations. For this reason, they have studied the following areas:

  • The introduction of commercial space and entertainment.
  • Commercial Sales Management
  • Management of marketing and communication.
  • Assistance in marketing research.
  • Organization and warehouse management.
  • Management and control of the supply.
  • Managing financial and commercial road transport.

After making the first experience in Erasmus+ we will offer the possibility of students attending vocational Chemistry and Health with the cycles of higher degree. It is also taught the Advanced Vocational Training Laboratory of Analysis and Quality Control & Environmental Chemistry. With this qualification students will be able to organize and coordinate the activities of the laboratory and sampling plan, making all kinds of tests and analyses of materials and finished products and processes aimed at research and quality control, interpreting the results, and acting under rules of good laboratory practices. We also analyze samples of inflowing and outflowing, organize and manage the media and environmental protection measures, as well as inspect and control facilities for the conservation of the environment.

  • Microbiological and biotechnological tests.
  • Physical and physicochemical Testing
  • Chemical analysis

We also teach advanced-level studies on Health services administration. After this course the students will be able to:

  • Manage data processing, clinical documents
  • Information encoding and validation according to current guidelines
  • Patient care
  • Management and health centres administration.

Second step 2018-2020

  • Promoting the mobility so that they can carry out complementary studies of other countries alter determining the corresponding compatibility methodology and content.
  • Promoting synergies with different communication centres and exchanging experiences.
  • Promoting cooperation between different schools, administrative and research institutions and companies, to strength the knowledge triangle as the basis for a more innovative and creative economy.
  • Make a transfer of knowledge to the market, and in this context provide continuity of innovation and technology and procedural application. From evaluation surveys of partners, companies and participants to review and monitor the content to adapt programs and make a regular analysis of satisfaction.
  • Improving the quality and relevance of higher education.